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Pigswick Cheaters

Apr 12, 2009
mollyisthebest wrote:
all of the people in tournment cheats the guy you said used the -90 shield just use the remove positive shield or the ice steal shield if you attack with a wand or another spell he put another -90 shield
Not all of them i didnt notice ONE cheat other than randolf

Dec 13, 2008
eggywig wrote:
ALL of them cheat? Wow, I guess I was just too good to notice. They are all easy for a level 32 Balance. Chester Droors is the real problem, I don't like fighting Life guys in the first place! Make a tough Life guy that cheats. Now that's just unbearable! Oh, and FleurDeMort, I know that, and I have a long way to go before I can complain about being bored.

I agree one hundred percent. A life guy CHEATING?!?! Still, I just started this and I'm level thirty-nine. So yeah.

Jeremy Moongrove
Magus Pyromancer

Apr 30, 2011
you should have seen when he started 'copying' my spells I was like OMG he is a serious cheater if he can copy my spells
Hunter Darkgem Master ncromancer

Feb 05, 2012
deffio152 wrote:
Straight from Wizard101 central: Randolf spellshine casts shatter every two rounds and if you dont attack him with a shield on, he will cast vampire on you.

The earth teacher boss needs to have a trap before the first 3 rounds pass or he will interrupt and cast a helping hands on himself for no pips

Thats all i know

How do you get a trap for earth boss? what do you have to do?

Feb 05, 2012
tcw87544 wrote:
eggywig wrote:
In the Tournament Hall, there is a pig that says "Watch out wizard! Pigswick students are cheaters! They'll break the rules whenever they can get away with it!". I'm about to face Randolf Spellshine, does he cheat? If so, aren't the bosses not supposed to cheat until WinterTusk and Celestia? That and what's up with the qualification battle. The guy you have to face uses Star spells. What's up with that? He was easy to beat, and I bet Randolf is too for a level 32, but these bosses seem a hint advanced for level 25.

In Wysteria, 3 people cheat.
Bleys Flamerender: Casts a level 52 star spell.
Chester Droors: Heals himself if he doesn't have a trap.
Randolf Spellshine: Uses a vampire if you don't have a shield.

Patrick Star level 44 pyromancer

How do you get a trap for Chester droors?

Dec 27, 2010
Wysteria is full of cheaters. My friend had a spell i didn't and he defeated Randolf Spellshine, but i on the other hand was defeated. I don't think that it's fair that they cast a spell, skip you get pips and then throw another good spell at you. . i have been beat with one wizard, and then watched a good friend get beat. All around i just don't like Wysteria.

Level 27