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no new spells - how disappointing.

Nov 22, 2010
all the schools in Wysteria are the same schools that exist in Ravenwood, just with fancy names.

I really hoped that the professors would have new spells - at least a couple of them.

But Wysteria seems to have been rushed. No new spells. No equipment in the shops. No equipment available from the seamstress. Nothing.

The world could have been really good, but it smacks of lazyness on the part of the development staff and is, unfortunately, a disappointment.

I know that they're under pressure to release new content in order to keep the player base happy, but that could be easily done by putting new quests into existing areas instead of spending all that time creating a new world and then releasing it before it's really as rich in content as it should be.

There are thousands of caves, doors, and other places already in existence that could become portals to a few rooms, or just one room, with quests that could be set up for various levels and take the player all over the place. A lot less effort that way, almost no new objects to create either.

Jun 16, 2009
i am sorry but
did you even read what they said when they released Wysteria?
Wysteria is just a part of something much bigger
want more gear?
go to the bazaar
want more spells?
go level up
sorry for saying this but
nobody likes people who complain
but seriously, give them time to finish it

Apr 15, 2010
i think wystria was a nice world the place could be better but it gave me sothing to do for a half hour or so better then nothing 8)

Aug 14, 2008
Well, it is just a low-level side world. I actually thought it was fun! I found the change of scenery really enjoyable and it took me a few days to complete the quests because I was running around, defeating the monsters and collecting the endless amounts of reagents along the streets. I can't wait to go there again on my level 30 Death and other soon-to-be level 27 Death wizards.
I thought it was a nice installment, but that's just me.

Sep 14, 2010
It's a low level side world, so you should most likely expect no new spells to be there.

Jul 28, 2009
first of all it probably cost money if they run out of money the game shuts down they spent some money to give us something to do not just sit around all day long so be happy you had a world to do missions

Destiny Deathblade lvl 44
P.S. even though i a high lvl i had lots of fun there