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New Spells For Wysteria Schools

May 14, 2010
I got thinking that the Wysteria schools should offer spells. One idea i had was new fields that the wysteria schools can teach at about level 45. They are all field spell. Like the field that already exsist they effect everyone. They would be about -25% for the respective schools. 2 pips each, need a training point to learn any of them. Name ideas and school resists are:
(Spell Name - School Resisted)
Wall Of Fire - ice resist field
Tsunami - fire resist field
Earths Pillar - storm resist field
Distortion - balance resist field
Tornado Zone - myth resist field
Demons Door - life resist field
Heavens Gate - death resist field

An example of this would be:
Card Name: Wall of Fire
School: (ice looking school of Wysteria)
Pips: 2 (no power pips work)
Effect: -25% to all Ice damage spells