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New Spells

Mar 04, 2013
I love the world of Wysteria <3 Loooove it. So when ever the next update and new spells come out I think we should be able to get spells from Wysteria. In that world we already got introduced into 7 new schools of similar magic. And I think there should be spells that we can learn from there. A new spell from there sounds fun. And perhaps our character can enter the Tournament again? It seems like such a waste that we never go back there and explore those branches of magic. Anyone else have any thoughts on the topic? I hope Kingsisle considers this request.

Apr 12, 2011
The place is nice but the school teachers in the school rooms need to be able to train the school spells. Like the myth teacher should be able "sell" the myth spells like blood bat, troll, and cyclops. Because other then like one quest they are useless except for looks

-WolfDragonFist level91

Sep 07, 2015
Yeah for real. Especially considering that each of the teachers viewed their school in a different light than how our teachers at ravenwood do, it would be interesting to get a fire spell that has to do more than healing because it is "ember magic" which is more warm and peaceful than regular fire magic.

William GreenStone43

Jun 23, 2016
I have to agree and thought the first time I hit Wysteria, that it would be cool to gain insight into some of these methods. To learn from some of them would be interesting. I have to agree with Green with the thought on ember versus fire from Ravenwood. Also considering that Balance is represented by a steampunk concept it would be interesting to see that school as well.

Just my thoughts here.