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My opinion of ToH

Jul 09, 2009
Ki, there's a huge difference between a challenge, and difficulty. Really, 2 rank 12 bosses and 2 rank 10 bosses on the FIRST floor??? I have never even gotten past the first floor because of these 2 reasons:

1: It's difficulty is sky high
2:It takes too long!

Everytime I go to the first floor, someone has to go and by the time we have killed the pigs and the 1st guy has 13,000 health, I have 2 players left by. In my opinion, this needs to be nerfed a lot no offense. I don't have time to sit in front of the computer for 2 hours.

Why must it be THIS hard? I wanted to do a dungeon that had a challenge but I didn't have to work so hard for it.

Lets say I have 5000 health like my friend did.

Believe it or not, she was the one to die first because of this:

1. The monsters are tempted to defeat the first person

2:The difficulty

This poor girl can't even blade herself without getting in trouble. Gosh, if she fizzles, she loses like 2/5 of her health. If she tries to heal herself, please pray that she won't fizzle. Why must we get hurt if we fizzle? It's not our fault we fizzle! It's part of the game!

Now I'm a life wizard myself, and I can't even blade myself and I can hardly trap.

I have my WW gear and a crowns wand that gives critical and critical block. I try to trap but the minotaur casts smoke screen. I am dropped to 50% of fizzling or not fizzling. Luckily I didn't fizzle, but gosh even an 100% accuracy spsell can get you in trouble.

Now i'll talk about the pets here, lets say that guy casts myth imp. Life and death dispel. I'd never bring a sprietly pet because who knows if it's gonna fizzle with it's spell? That would mean it would be my pet's fault that I lost most of my health.

Now I don't want to be whining here, but anways, do you have any tips? I can't get wizards 100% of the time to help me

Oct 09, 2011
Use a lot of Quench spells in the minotaur. It's the fire dispel. Then he can't cast his Smoke Screen. Kill the pigs first, then the minotaur and then use Storm Shields to stay alive for the boar's Levys. That's all I can think of.

Ps. It's not impossible, at least when you have a good strategy, gear and level. Just hard.

James GoldHorn,
Lvl 73 Pyromancer
Lvl 45 Necromancer
Lvl 11 Theurgist
Lvl 8 Conjurer
Lvl 7 Diviner
Lvl 6 Thaumaturge