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Is Wysteria a cover-up story?

Jan 19, 2009
Anyone noticed how Wysteria is like the spin-off to Ravenwood?
But why is there supposed "real magic" seem like they either A, got the wrong story from Ravenwood's magic or B, something is going on. A secret? Weird huh? Respond if interested! Reponds-vite!

Jan 17, 2012
If you read the history of Wysteria in the four books scattered about, it becomes clear what is going on.

1. A professor was summarily dismissed from Ravenwood for his unorthodox teaching methods. Those methods basically said that students learn best if left to their own devices. He would simply lecture all day, and that's it. No homework, no practical application, nothing.

2. This professor, offended at being dismissed, found a wilderness area, cleared away the brush and vines and founded Pigswick Academy, where his teaching methods would be used. He hired professors whose primary ability was the ability to relocate.

3. He set the entry standards exceedingly low, supposedly to help those who are magically challenged. At the same time, he set the tuition very high, so only the very rich could attend. So, all of the students are rich and untalented.

4. He then set up the Spiral Cup to prove his school superior. However, the cup was won by either Ravenwood or Mooshu year after year. The recent string of wins by Pigswick, that is often cited, was due to the fact that no one showed up for the tournament those years, whether because they did not wish to waste their time, or the invitations somehow never reached their destination is not known.

5. Why the head mistress has the delusion that the fountain is the source of magic is beyond me.

Oct 28, 2010
Ok, so I know this is really off topic, but while I was defeating Chester Doors I realized something, "wait, if he's from pigswic then why is he using the magic from ravenwood?" Anyone else notice this?
Alexandra Goldesong~ level 38 ice

Sep 04, 2008
true, it seems like a spin off, but seriously? Why is that professor so...stubborn to have a school? thats beyond me,