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Heliphant tower

May 31, 2009
Took the fight all the way to end of tower, was alone when i got there. One storm wizard against those odds i had to give it up. The game needs to fix ways players can remove quests from their quest book they consider unwinable. I can see no hardship in Heliphant tower until the end fight.
This fight is unwinable when alone. I do not know if I will ever try again because of the first fight being so hard it killed everyone in the group and when i returned I was alone. I did go to the end and found that you again will be very outnumbered facing a Boss with resistance, so this quest will remain in my book i guess forever. Until game fixes a way to remove quests you consider unwinable.
I consider myself one of the best players in the game and believe me, Alone the end fight is not winable alone. If a wizard thinks they can win it alone i would love to see it. The myth help just earthquakes away any blades you may have hope in and if they are reoccuring after once killed, it surely is impossible alone. Didnt expect to go the tower alone but others just gave up. Shame there is such a place in the game......

Dec 21, 2008
i know right the hard part is i m storm and it is hard for me to vs storm. i need transcended wizards to help. even though storm is back up but still.