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Helephant tower messed up

Jan 28, 2010
Ok I was just in helephant tower was in ther for about 3 hours was on the last boss one person had fled and it was me and 2 of my best friends left so i was using hench men.

I died and when I got back it had started over!!!! So now 3 hours of my time wasted and over 200 crowns wasted. I did not leave by the front door and I did not change realms. I am beyond angry! I had died sevral times and came back with no diffaculty at all! So now what? It took me forever to find a team to do helephant tower because no one wants to repeat it I wouldnt even care if it wasnt a mission. Also that i was so close to beating it. I would really like some answers here. Please KI what now what am I supose to do now :( :( :(

May 10, 2010
What you need to do, is learn from your experience... What did the Bosses do? Then, how can you conteract their cheats?

Learn from your experience!

If at first, you don't succeed, try, try again!

I know this dungeon can take a while, but 3 hours, let's not over exaggerate the issue... The whole dungeon can be done in a little more than an hour...

Jul 09, 2009
Sorry to hear that, but if our friends flee on you then they aren't your friends. If that happens though don't use henchmen just leave and restart better to save crowns on something better like when we get our rank 9 spells though I wouldn't recommend using henchmen for that either. Back to topic trying going to crowed realms get a group then switch to a less crowded realm with them make sure they can go through the entire thing and good luck on Tower of Helephant. Remember it was made to show how well legends can work together under conditions like that if you beat it then you pass the test if everyone leaves, but you try to take him down alone then your brave and I'd be happy to team up with you.

Aaron Drakewalker Legendary Pyromancer

Jan 11, 2010
i wish someone would help me on that one no one seems to want to stay with you i have a ice wizard that has just that left to do and i feel like i can't get it done what can i do

dakota jadepetal legendary ice wiazard

Jan 28, 2010
spunky52 and flarzedrago9 If you want we can come up with a time and day to meet up to do helephant tower. just respond and let me know. I would be very greatful for any help.

darthjt I didnt exaggerate I did add the 30 mins from my first try at the tower though the first team my friend and tried to do helephant tower the 2 people we where with where terable. They constanly fled and took for ever to get back thier excuse was that they didnt have potions but when they started fleeing with full health and refuseing to attack we just restarted it the second time it took us 2 and a half hours. I guess I should have stated that before so I could have avoided being fussed at by you. Please though next time read the post. What you said had nothing to do with I said The dungeon restart would have won if it hadnt reset. Also mostly likely if the other person hadnt just tooked off I wouldnt have had to flee to heal and come back for it to even have a chance to reset. No worries though Hopefully spunky52 and flarzedrago9 will respond and then my friend and I will have a n awesome team and can make it through with no one taking off. :D :D :D

Jan 11, 2010
i can be on sat 11/5/2011 all day area 1 region or what ever its called wu thanks for the help hope you or someone can find me.
p.s look for dakota jadepetal legendary ice wizard either by the helephant tower or helping a friend in wizard city

Dec 22, 2008
I feel the same way, 3 hours and 300 crowns wasted. Don't worry, keep trying, remember the cheats the bosses used, this will help you a lot, just keep trying!

Jun 17, 2011
I'm a level 60 myth and went with wizards of schools balance, life and storm and we did it in about 1 hour 45 mins or something 2 hours. We didnt use a single crown.

But i didnt finish the quest(this was intentional) i did so because it has got 21 Thousand xp and i cant waste so much.I will do it when the new world opens. You should also do that