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Gliches on tanglewwod way?

Dec 13, 2009
I have been playing for the last two days onTanglewood Way in Wisteria to get the leaves from Green men and I cant seem to get the leaves. I have battled over 10 times with the green men with and without friends and and not receiving the items I need. Is there a problem? What the heck am I doing wrong??


Gutter Frog

New 2nd Character Llewella RavenHeart Level 33 Death/Fire

Jul 18, 2010
You are doing nothing wrong The green men are insanely hard to collect items from. Its so ridiculous that i stopped playing for a little. Just keep trying and do your best, don't give up. Try going to a pop server to increase your changes of fighting with a partner. I'm in celestia and those darn defeat and collect quests are near impossible....... GOOD LUCK!!!!

Mar 12, 2013
Definitely do them in large groups. Soloing D and C will eat up hours of time. Save these for when you have lots of friends online or during "prime time" when your realm is full.

Ask for help and folks will help you. The green men aren't particularly hard, so you may want to ask players with lower level wizards to come help you out.