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Christmas Shopping in Wysteria

Jul 30, 2012
My young daughter asked me this question... why do the Wysteria shops have lots of stuff on display and hardly nothing for sale? We understand the issues about the school and the town is a bit crazy, but whats the deal with the stores? We can see they have stuff on the shelves. And why does a pet store have wands and robes?

Decks, Wands, Athames Store
- tons of everything on display. clothing, wands, etc.
- only 5 athames for sale. Nothing else.

Clothing Store:
- tons of everything on display. clothing wands, amulets.
- only clothing items for sale.

Pet Store:
- hats, robes, wands, amulets on display
- no pets. Only snacks for sale.

Jewelry Store:
- clothing, wands, amulets on display
- only 2 amulets and 4 rings for sale

Aug 25, 2011
Its for decoration!
If they sold everything that they had on display, then most shops would sell the same things!
If the bazaar sold what they had on display, every-one would be in the same outfit, and weak level clothing..