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Better Than Ours

Aug 01, 2012
There is one thing about Wysteria. For some reason the school is more luxurious than ours. They have better classrooms, grounds and libraries. I don't know why our school is not like that.

James StormFlame

Aug 12, 2012
I don't know if this is it, but Headmistress Crisp did seem to hate Ravenwood. I personally like Ravenwood better. ;)

-Nathaniel Redflame

Jul 28, 2011
Their classrooms may LOOK better....

But Ravenwood's MAGIC is better

Mar 23, 2013
Pigswick is stuck up. They may have better classrooms and grounds.... but think about the entrance fee! And besides, Pigswick is just a rip off of Ravenwood.

Sep 09, 2012
Wizard101 is right next to the tree that MADE THE SPIRAL!!!! Just say in'.........
Emma Emeraldsword lvl 54

Jul 18, 2010
Wolf and Rider on Aug 15, 2013 wrote:
Wizard101 is right next to the tree that MADE THE SPIRAL!!!! Just say in'.........
Emma Emeraldsword lvl 54
Lol exactly!!! Plus bartelbly is so big his branches and leaves makes it look like we are in a forest! I'll admit, wysteria library is bigger ENCLUDING an archive where you can accidentally summon dangerous wild claws!! The classrooms are more luxurious too . But they worship a fountain so... LOL!!! Ravenwood is by far better even though wysteria can be prettier and bigger .

Feb 10, 2013
Bartleby is so enormous that you can see his branches from any open area in wizard city!! What can you see from any point in wysteria? I dunno,a cloud of hot air from belladonna crisp's mouth? Trust me, she's just jealous of ravenwood.
Dolan Frostthistle Level 33 Pyromancer

Dec 03, 2012
So? We worship a TREE here. Besides, who in the world puts their trust on a fountain? Them. Cause they don't teach magic!!! We rock, and were better!!

So they have bigger classrooms, so good fighters (I can't tell you how many times I have seen people complain about how hard Spellshine is) but we defeated them. Their classrooms rock, but they are cruel to us. I don't recall every being mean to them.

Anywho, our classrooms are pretty cool. Have you noticed the board next to the teachers? They write on there own! Our teachers are nice. (for the most part) They have O.K teachers (I'm fond of that Equalburim teacher, ignore my spelling)

And that is why we are better than them, good classrooms or not.

I'm outta here. Peace!

Dec 15, 2008
Guys, we shouldn't bash on Wysteria! I mean their fountain was a fake... and all the students are lazy and cheaters... and their teachers cannot into magic... and their headmaster only cares for discipline... ... ... ...

Well I'm sure they have SOME redeeming quality....