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battling trees for leaves

Dec 11, 2013
not happy having to fight multiple times to just get four tree leaves to give to a professor doing the quest of " must leave" or something to that nature. Anyways I had already fought and won against eight yes eight tree plants and find it very hard and confusing as to why I must continuely fight again and again against so many tree plants just to get four leaves! Please fix this in the next update!!!!!!!

A+ Student
Jan 18, 2010
I'm guessing you're referring to the quest Time to Leave given by Professor Price in Wysteria.

To be honest, I heavily disliked this quest too, I just got it completed on my level 100 Wizard because I was so annoyed at the drop rate for the quest.

Having multiple of the mobs join in does help get the job done slightly faster though.

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
It's busy work. And it's annoying.

Also, it's completely unimportant and optional.

So what I do for this quest is, I ignore it. Once in a while, the Daily Assignment will send me back to fight those tree guys and when I do, sometimes one more leaf drops. If I'm in the mood that day, I'll fight them a couple more times. Then I get annoyed again and go back to ignoring that quest until the next time a Daily sends me back.

Eventually, every single one of my wizards does finish that quest even with its obscenely low drop rate.

Alia Misthaven

Sep 20, 2017