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Wizardcity Bazaar, making things simple

Feb 18, 2010
I have multiple wizards and tend to buy gear for my lower level wizards using my grandmasters, this is an idea i think would make things simpler. in the wizard city bazaar, there should be a section for us to check the school of gear we want to find and like in non-ranked PvP, set a minimum and max level, therefore i would only have to look at clothing of the school i'm focusing on and would only have to look at certain levels that i chose. It makes things easier than going through all 83 robe pages searching for that one specific school symbol and just that level when i believe things could be made simpler. I also know we can go on the other wizard and see what gear we need to buy, like form a checklist of some sort, but then to have to switch back between wizards to buy the stuff? also, what if the wizard inst a high enough level yet to wear certain gear? that then leaves the check only gear that i can wear section useless because it wouldnt show being that they are under level. Please just give this idea some consideration and i'd like opinions on your thoughts and views on this, Thank you.

~ Jonathan ThunderThorn

Mar 18, 2010
In the bazaar you can sort items. Click on the labels like school and level then the items get arranged by those categories. You can click level and school so that the item is sorted by level and school. You can also arrange level low to high or high to low. I just found that option . One other thing to watch is some items are no trade. I tried to have my grand buy my new gal something and wasn't paying attention.

Megan F

Jul 04, 2009
You do realize you can sort by clicking on the "level" and "School"? Clicking on them again reverses the order.

I also sometimes use a higher (and richer) wizard to purchase items for my other wizards. Be sure you pay attention to whether the item is a "No Trade" item or not. I got burned a couple of times by purchasing a "No Trade" item and then realizing it after I tried to put it in the Shared Bank.