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Wizard101 Ideas

Oct 09, 2010
I have an idea for Wizard101. The Clockwork golem practice partner. This housing item could allow you to have your own practice buddy, by using energy you can teach it some of your own spells, The more pips the spell cost the more energy it costs. Then you could face off against it in a duel. Here's the cool part, in order to teach it spells that don't belong to your school, you have to get friends to help you. When anyone goes up to the droid hits X and selects the option to add spells to the golem, the household owner gets a notifications saying "Would you like ______ to add their spells to the practice golem?" If you choose yes they while using energy can teach the golem spells from their school. Also you can decide what spells it will use the next time its in combat. Want more of a challenge? Well you could also be able to change what school the golem is going to be, for example you could make it a myth golem with a resistance from myth and a boost to storm. You can also give it modifiers such as a 10% boost tom ice spells, a 30% chance for a critical, a 97% chance for a power pip, or a stun resistance and much more. I think this would be an excellent crowns shop item, I think for 3000 crowns with a maximum of 4 in a house. You can teach the golem any of your schools pip cost of 0 spells for free, but others spells have their pip cost multiplied by 3 so that it equals the amount of energy, for example a pip spell of 5 will cost 15 energy, a spell with a pip cost of 7 will cost 21 energy. I really hope my Idea will be put into the game thanks for reading.