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Wizard names and colors

May 23, 2009
Hello everyone,
I was wondering if there is a way to change the name of my wizard? I chose poorly when I set him up. Also, is there a way besides paying a fortune to the dye shop to keep all my items in the same color scheme. It seems like every item I pick-up is a different color. My poor wizard looks like a homeless hobo running through the streets. I would dye them, but that is mucho money. Any thoughts?

Anthony Frostheart

Jan 18, 2009

well ...........................

i was the same as you dying clothes but sooner or later i kept changing colors and had to collect gold for it .

so stay in the same color and the one you like so you dont have to change a lot. Or pick up a powerful cloak and wear it if you can buy it or in battles espically with lord nightshade.

Evan LightSpear
Level : 45 FIRE WIZARD