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Wizard City - Look inside for info about WC!

Sep 14, 2011
Welcome To Wizard City
Wizard City is the first world in The Malistaire Saga. Wizard City is the home of Ravenwood, School of Magical arts. Ravenwood was funded by Merle Ambrose, who is the headmaster too. In Ravenwood, 7 schools of magic was created to help young wizards with their study.
Former Life school teacher: Sylvia Drake (Malistaire's wife) Sylvia died when she got ill and couldn't get cured. Malistaire was torn when that happened.
New Life School teacher: Mulinda Wu.
Myth School teacher: Cyrus Drake. (Malistaire's Brother)
Former Death School Teacher: Malistaire Drake. When Sylvia Drake died, Malistaire took off, and left all his colleagues, even his brother, Cyrus. Later, he became evil and tried to summon the dragon titans to get the whole Spiral for himself and be reunited with his wife.
New Death School teacher: Dworgyn. Dworgyn hasn't left his class room, since it fell apart from all the other schools in Ravenwood, which means, he hasnt seen the sun in 10 years. Now, the Death School lies in Nightside, behind the secret cave besides Rainbow Bridge.
Death School Assistant: Malorn Ashthorn. Malorn was Malistaire's best student when Malistaire still teached at Ravenwood.
Fire School Teacher: Dalia Falmea.
Ice School Teacher: Lydia Greyrose.
Storm School Teacher: Halston Balestrom.
Balance School Teacher: Arthur Wethersfield.
Balance School Teacher (Krokotopia): Alhazred. Alhazred is part of the Order of The Fang.

If YOU have something to add, feel free. If you want to correct something, just quote the part you want to Correct.

Oct 20, 2011
lol spirit teachers have waaaaaay more back stories the elemental ones. Oh and I think you should have added more info on the world itself and not just ravenwood but still pretty good

Eric SwiftPyre lvl 39 Pyromancer

May 22, 2011
one last thing:

all schools suround bartelby the grandfather tree