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Wizard City Bazaar Pets.

Sep 24, 2009
Why did they stop allowing being able to sell pets in the wizard city bazaar? I remember when it came out there was the option to sell pets. I just wonder if there is like a statement they had made about why they did not allow it anymore. Or if anyone knows about why they took it out.

Jan 02, 2011
Hi there!

I don't remember being able to buy/sell pets on the Bazaar. However, pets in early development were merely used for cosmetics (making your wizard look cool), thus giving KI no reason to not input them into the Bazaar.

However, pets now have functions! They can now give blades, spells, traps, maycasts, and stats! Any person could basically sell their "perfect pet" to make profit now!

If the players were to make up their own price for the pets they sell, that would be very overpowerd. Once they have the perfect pet they can easily hatch their perfect pet with another perfect pet. This would be a very easy to to get a perfect pet, and for the seller to make easy money.

I hope I helped!
Jack Legend