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Mar 28, 2013
me and a friend were doing winterbane and then we lost on beating a boss. so i tried again with different friends but somehow i get separated with them and i am all alone in winterbane. and i am left off from where i died. how come its like that? how do i get rid it ? i tried doing again and it did the exact same thing. please help.

Oct 11, 2012
ok first if you teleport out of winter bane or pagoda and friends did not you will be separated for that
its a rule i don't know why it dose that but it sucks
well i wish w101 central can help that cause i get when that happens too also
last boss you need one two one and one i think its best for that
cause storm has tempest ice has blizzard and frost giant death has well hurt heal spell and feint
and life heals so that's what you do