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Aug 31, 2011
Does anyone know what Winterbane is because I don't. Thanks!

Apr 11, 2012
Re: Winterbane

Winterbane Hall is a housing item that can be purchased using the Winterbane Gauntlet Gift Card.
It is interactive by pressing "X".

Your Fellow Wizard,
Miranda Thundergem LVL55

Nov 26, 2012
Re: Winterbane
um hi my name is ryan deathcloud, i am level 15 and i was wondering about my badges from winterbane i went through and got "warrior of winterbane" and one other, and then about a week or two later i got on and my badge was changed and i wondered why that happened, please respond to this and tell me why if you know and if you find me in the game add me

Apr 04, 2010
Re: Winterbane
Hello. I agree with MidnightMT101. It's a housing item that your can put in your castle, and enter it like a dungeon.

"Your life is yours, and the only person who can truly change it is you."

Mindy Goldpetal, Magus Diviner

Aug 20, 2012
Re: Winterbane
The most likely reason you're badge changed is because there was something that happened and the winter bane changed. If you log on look for something that says winter bane changing or something like that under raven wood news. It might still be where I found it. It might just be to people who have winter bane.
Hope I helped.

Jacob thunder hammer level 55
Aaron titan hammer level 31

May 10, 2013
Re: Winterbane
Winterbane is a "gauntlet" not a dungeon. In dungeons you get more than 1 instance quest. (well not exactly, the "mount olympus" had 1 instance and a Main Quest.) Gauntlets are things with No Main Quest but you get a instance.

Please Note that Winterbane Tier MAY change during your level (usually a lot, but for novices/apprentices, rarely)