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Why Atlanta is not a waste of time and underrated

Aug 01, 2009
Though the general gear is outclassed by the water works gear, the boots are better then the water works and are a good replacement intill Avalon crafted boots. The wands are also somewhat good for the level if you can't find anything better, you get a good amount of exp and also it's gear can be used if you think the water works is too difficult, it also drops decent pets like the harpy pet. I've heard a lot of people saying it is not worth it but if you actual look Into the dungeon it is worth it. So do Atlanta and don't listen to people saying it's not worth it, because it is.

Evan star blade lvl 63

Aug 18, 2011
What is "worth it" or not depends on what you like to do. Farming in general is "worth it" if you enjoy it or really want a reward, but not worth it if you don't. Don't worry about what other people think. Let your own values be your guide.

Personally I consider Atlantea a great adventure and a wonderfully original dungeon quest, but don't bother to farm it, as I like all the Waterworks gear better. That doesn't mean it's better for everyone though, for example someone might want the higher block or resist from some of the Poseidon boots. YMMV.

Have fun :)

Feb 29, 2012
The dungeon was fun, dropped pets were nice (my little storm has a lil siren) but from what I have seen the gear is not worth it.
I help a fire guy who was having trouble in AZ and he was decked out in Atlantea gear. He was having mob troubles.
WT/WW gear, add block boots in AV and then craft/darkmoor gear as you level up gets my vote.