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White Tower Conundrum

Jan 29, 2010
I noticed that the entrance to the White Tower in Crab Alley, where Selena Gomez was previously kept, is a 4 spot entrance where it has the countdown and everything. I don't like that. First of all, waiting for it to countdown everytime I have to go back there, which is much too often, btw, it makes me wait for it, but there isn't a battle there. Unless someone who hasn't beaten the gaurds steps on at the last moment and makes me fight them again! >:( Please, make it so that it's just a door, because this is frustrating.

Feb 14, 2010
You know, you can run around the crab gaurds without fighting them.
You can help the first-timer out but you don't have to.

You really only have to enter about 5 times and although it might be a slight inconvenience (if you are really that impatient), IMO this really isn't a problem worth complaining about.