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Which School Do You Relate to the Most?

Oct 29, 2011
I thought this would be a fun little thread that everyone could post on. Here below I have descriptions of the schools and you can post which one your personality is related to the most. Challange: You can choose only one school!!!!

These come from the Wizard101 creator thing, strengths and weaknesses not inlcuded as well as famous wizards of that school:

Storm: Storm Wizards are often Impulsive, Educated, Creative and Independent.

Myth: Myth Wizards are usually Visionary, Competitive, and Knowledgeable.

Life: Life Wizards are often Social, Charming, Funny and Attractive.

Fire: Fire Wizards tend to be Smart, Passionate, Competitive, and Attractive.

Ice: Ice Wizards are typically Strong, Loyal, Courageous and Honest.

Balance: Balance Wizards are Wise, Clever, Thoughtful and Charming.

Death: Death Wizards are often Solitary, Driven, Serious and Intelligent.

I am most definitely balance if I were to choose one. I'm a clever one! I would sort clever with being very similar to charming and if you're clever then you've gotta be thoughtful and thinking everything through and out-thinking everything. Obviously you can't be clever without that wisdom or wiseness cause I think wiseness is much more fun to say.

Dec 25, 2012
probably storm although I sometime do feel very dark and gloomy so effective 4 years ago I am a

Jul 14, 2016
Back then, I did the quiz in the beginning and got Fire, which made perfect sense to me and I loved the concept. Nowadays though, the description for Death seems to fit my personality just right although Fire's qualities can still show in myself.

Feb 23, 2012
because I am very independent, often serious, & driven by my own intelligence for sure

May 07, 2015
i'm with a little bit of & a tiny bit of