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Where is the Haunted Cave?

Oct 12, 2008
Community Leader
Lots of caves :) I think Haunted Cave is on Firecat Alley, and Dark Cave connects Triton and Cyclops. Watch me be totally wrong on this :)

Whichever, it'll be on the map.

If you're not sure where something is, but you know you're in the right area, you can zoom out your map using the magnifying glass icon in the bottom left of your map.
That may help you find what you are looking for.

See you in Wizard City!

Community Leader
At home, in game -- it's in Triton :) Dark Cave connects FIRECAT and Cyclops.

Jun 23, 2008
Haunted Cave is on Triton Avenue. Dark Cave connects Cyclops and Firecat.

Oh yes, yes, Professor Greyrose is quite right, the maps are very useful. You can find the Haunted Cave at the end of Triton Avenue. Once you go into Triton Avenue you can look at your map and see its exact location for the entrance to the Haunted Cave.

Oct 12, 2008
im a bit stuck. everybody keeps on talking about the new worlds through the spiral. but what i need to know is how you actually get there? (other than teleporting.

Jun 21, 2008
Ryan, you must not rush your teachings. You will get there in due time. Of course, I'll be nice and let you know the final quest for each world. Do know that you must still do as all the rest of us have and earn your way to the different types of worlds.

World 2: Kroktopia: Defeat Foulgaze in Wizard City
World 3: Marleybone: Defeat Krokopatra in Tomb of Storms
World 4: MooShu: Defeat Meowiarty in Big Ben
World 5: Dragonspyre: Defeat ?? Oni in Emperor's Palace.

That is all grasshopper, now Hop along! Happy Questing!

Mar 08, 2009
if you go to olde town in triton avenue there will be a gate to the cave. (olde town is in shopping district)

Mar 02, 2009
The Haunted Cave is NOT the same as the Dark Cave. The Haunted Cave is located near the end of Triton Avenue which you can locate from starting from Wizard City, then go into the Shopping District, and then Olde Town where you will find Triton Avenue which is the only non-member zone you can go into without buying crowns or membership. The Dark Cave are in the two member-only or crown bought zones on Firecat Alley or Cyclops Lane. I believe it is better to buy the membership so you can go into ALL areas and worlds after you do the tasks to get a "pass" to that world.
Hope this helped!
~Molly Isabella Chloe
Balance Wizard
Level 23