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Where do I go to post a comment?

Feb 08, 2009
I guess I can do it here, since it gets monitored. But I was wondering where I would go to post the comment of:

Hair! I was wondering and thought it would be a great addition, that a hair salon was added to the shopping district. You know alot of girls play this game and that would be just as great as the paint store. You walk in and pick a design and color just like at the beginning for a price of course. I just thought it would be great. I have been having second thoughts about my wizard and I don't want to start over. But if there was a place to where I can change my hair like there is a place to change the color or your clothes then I will have more wizards, one for each school! I love this game! Thanks and let me know where I can post this to!

Scarlet Raven!