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Where did Grubb go?

Apr 08, 2010
Okay, me and a couple of friends were in the sunken city. I have never beaten sunken city before and they have. After we defeated norton (is that his name?) my friends went ahead out of the tower and i followed. Their computers are much faster than mine so they went on while i was still loading.
By the time i got out of the tower which i fought norton in, they had already beaten grubb. and i didnt get credit for it. my quest still says find item of proof but whenever i go to grubb's tower, he's not there. i tried leaving and logging out and it didnt reset. i'm stumped. would anyone know what i can do at this point?

May 20, 2010
Start over. If you weren't active in battle when he was defeated, you're out of luck.

Nov 04, 2010
Feb 25, 2011
This happened to me in Katzenstein's lab and Shirataki Temple ELEVEN TIMES! XD All there is for it is to try it over again. I know it's tiring and unfortunate and may make you wanna rip your hair out with frustration (please, I beg of you, don't ). Hope this helps!

Sophia AshHeart
Level 45 Balance

Jun 11, 2010
If you aren't actually part of the battle, as in didn't get into the battle circle, you won't get credit. You also won't get credit if you are defeated or flee during battle.

May 23, 2009
This sort of happened when i battled Meowariaty (I think thats how you spell it). So I battled him with a friend (again, thank you Erica LionFlame) and she summoned a minion. I died and she tried to heal me, but her minion killed Meowariaty (but I have no hard feelings on Erica)! I healed then ported back to Erica. It gave me the credit for beating him, but I still had to fight him again! Later Erica and joined forces again and smoked him (well actually my show of grandmaster friend came and killed him with zues !)

- Justin SandFlame