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Whats The Thing You Craft In The Fire School

Feb 08, 2009
Well whats the thing you craft in fire school and when and do you start to craft it? Please answer!!!!!!!!

Dylan Firecaster Level 30 Pyro

May 02, 2009
Well as a fellow fire wizard, I have found only found 2 fire recepie vendors(besides the fire tree in ravenwood)

There's one in the pyramid of the sun in KT, & one in DS, but I forget where.

It's hard for me to find fire recepie vendors, but easy to find other school vendors, & I'm a grand fire.

I hope I helped some, and I also hope that someone will make a list of recepie vendors and where they're at, especially for us fire wizards.

Sep 25, 2008
There is a fire vendor in Mooshu in Hametsu Villiage the cow woman standing in the middle of the hill opposite Crimson Fields. I know this because I had to go there for the second crafting quest of DS.

Feb 08, 2009
TY! TY! TY! TY! TY! TY! TY! TY! TY! TY! so much i am hopefully getting close to finishing MS my friend who is a level 31 has already beat it and i am level 33. I am only in the shoshun village and i know i still have that one other street