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what is up with xp from quests?

Mar 07, 2009
ok, to get started i'm a level 44 storm wizard in dragonspyre i used to get a lot of xp for each quest like 2500-3000 xp per quest! but after the new advanced pet update the xp rate dropped i'm getting low xp for every quest i get like 1000-1900 xp per quest and its getting pretty hard to level up is this a glitch? or was mean't to be made? and i would strongly suggest for an admin to answer this question please.

May 01, 2010
Yes, the XP levels off a bit in Dragonspyre. The last few levels are hard to get. However, I think you'll find that several quests in DS are worth 2,000+ points. You may have just hit a "soft spot".