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Dec 29, 2011
maybe i'm new at this, but 2hours and 25dollars in crowns later i managed to make it through waterworks LOL! MAN i wish those henchmen knew what they were doing. it would have been alot easier and faster. heres a tip and maybe its a glitch(or not). if you plan to solo waterworks using henchmen(not really solo-ing) do NOT put two life henchmen next to each other.

there was a point where i was dead. and watching the game for a half hour cause the two kept healing themselves. i couldn't flee or anything. just sit there and watch. at one point i was rooting for the bad guy (that rasta squid dude). welp! lesson learned. i moved on, the final boss, i seperated the two. after i had died a few times they revived me and i finished the dungeon.

hehehe. what a blast...WHOS NEXT?!!

Jul 17, 2009
Waterworks is pretty hard with henchmen bro. if you want to complete it with no henchmen you can come to me just bring 2 friends along(lvl 60+).

Jul 03, 2010
The problem here is two fold - first did you get any of the gear dropped that you essential paid $25 for, if you are like me, my Life wizard ended up doing most of Celestia and to the end of Zafaria with out this gear due to the lack of robe drop? Wearing level 58 gear for that long was a bit aggravating. I got the hat but had already crafted the better one from Wintertusk.

Second - using a henchman in this event will most likely trigger the cheats. Several times I have done this with one other but it's been a wizard who can realize what needs to be done.

Feb 21, 2012
Waterworks is very very hard and You should just get a membership instead of buying all those crowns. Make sure you bring some high level friends or you will die alot.

Dec 29, 2011
LOL thanks for all the responses guys. I did do WW a few times with henchmen. No i did not get what i wanted. But i am currently trying to craft Zafaria gear. I will try WW again in the future. Maybe after i finish Zafaria. I don't have alot of high level friends and everytime i ask for help (well, you know that story already) But i'll post here when i'm ready. So far i'm finding a mixture of stats from some crafted gear that may suit me better than WW gear. Any ideas on this one?