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waterworks warrior badge

Apr 09, 2012
hey guys. I got the waterworks quest, and went in with 2 archmages. We completed the whole dungeon and beat sylster glowstorm. After that I talked to herman and turned the quest in to blad raveneye, and was so happy to get my waterworks warrior badge! I checked my badges twice and the waterworks warrior badge was nowhere to be found! what do I do? :(
-Suri Darkheart, level 61 necromancer

Mar 10, 2012
I dont want to seem like a broken record to the message boards, but this belongs in Halston's Labatory. As for your question check all the badge pages carefully and not quickly. If you still cant find your badge, contact ki support and dont give out your credit info nor your password.

Connor goldenflame level 75 balance wizard