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waterworks unfair now?

Jul 08, 2011
Hello w101 fans. I am here to express my feelings about a very fun, but long dungeon, waterworks. Sure it may be the best place to get great armor but it isnt always fair on the chances.

Allow me to share my story that happened only yesterday. I was getting a bit tired of the waterworks gear look. so i decided to stitch my armor. But i stitched it wrong. My friend and me didnt see it as a big deal so we went back into waterworks to see if we can get it back, and so we did, me and 3 other people.

We got in and defeated the first squid boss. and i didnt get anything special, no hat or no mastery amulet, and i didnt think much of it, as i was going for my robe. As we got the the last boss and i was in battle for every turn we defeated the boss. I was really excited to see what i got. I realize they changed the percentages for the drops. This is what i got:

0 mega snacks
0 waterworks clothes

each of my death friends got this i beleive
4 mega snacks
1 pair of waterworks boots

and my life friend got this
3 mega snacks
1 waterworks robe

I would understand not getting a clothing item but not with no mega snacks or clothes. All I ask is to make the percentages a little bit more fair. Thanks as i will continue to play this great game

Jan 13, 2010
Waterworks isn't unfair. In fact, it's generous that KingsIsle is even allowing us to receive Crown items for no real cost.