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Waterworks storm boots

Nov 19, 2010
So, i have been doing the waterworks with my storm wizard for a while now, on my second go a go the hat, on my fifth go i got the robe. but after at least 20 tries of getting the boots i still havent gotten them :( I have gotten the robe and hat a couple of times while trying to get the boots :? But i was wondering, is there anything that brings your chance down? like fleeing a battle or something, or is it completely random? Allot of people say if you get the pearls or whatever, your chance goes down. What i'm asking really is is there anything that brings down your chance of getting an item? or are the boots the hardest part of the set to get?

Thanks allot.

Adam Stormtamer (77)

Jul 03, 2010
I think it's been pretty well concerted that no matter what Voodo you do for this instance your chances to get are a completely random event.

In other words - short of standing by the fights and just watching your chance to get the gear is the same as any one else s.

All I know is I closed the door on this drun-geon months ago. With my first wizard I put up with this place I don't know how many times, I got 3 boots, 2 hats and just prior to Mirror Lake in Zafaria I finally got the robe, altho I did craft the helmet the rest of the gear I went though Celestia and Zafaria was my level 58 gear.

Now I craft - granted it's agonizing to do that but at least I have a better chance of getting what I set out to craft.

Feb 24, 2009
Have fun, its a completely random chance, took me forever. I stopped counting at 48.

Jul 23, 2011
Don't do the cheats to skip battles. Do the entire dungeon from start to finish. I got two mastery amulets, and all school gear within five attempts. I also heard that if anyone grabs the pearl by the door, the drop chance decreases. I can't confirm or deny that claim.