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Waterworks Porting?

Mar 31, 2011
I've recenty done waterworks a few times.. gotten a few peices of gear and what not through shear will. I've enjoyed it despite the time it takes to go through. What i'm not enjoying is that we can't port into friends in it. We can however use door again to go back in AS LONG as no one else joins you. That's ok.. Except now we have trolls who sit outside the doors and do nothing but join you because they can. It messes up your dungeon we can't finish the boss.. and my anger rises and i want to punch the screen. I'm sure others have delt with this issue and are equally raging. If you can please allow some system that allows us to get back into our team that would be great. Currently the way it is makes me not even want to play.

Mindy Hexcaster - Life Wizard

Oct 01, 2010
Cant agree more! Not only do they join- they think it is funny to flee leaving you in there to fight alone in a battle with REALLY big guys,. I have been forced to spend $$$$ on henchmen just to survive! Makes me CRAZY!


May 20, 2010
Jul 21, 2009
most of them find that funny and do it just for kicks i had many dungeons messed up over that :( like the saying goes . don't let a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch. I know it stinks but really what can they do it's a open dungeon.

Jun 04, 2009
I heartily agree with the previous posts.

I just wasted 3 hours of my life getting to the final battle in the Waterworks only to have the instance reset when someone jumped on the sigils in the last few seconds giving me no chance to pull out. I doubt it was malicious, but that doesn't make me any happier about it or inclined to bother doing the dungeon again.

Why doesn't the Waterworks follow normal dungeon rules like Kensington Park or Sunken City? As you can leave and return anyway (as long as you return with the same people you went in with), there seems to be no reason apart from to add an extra level of irritation which isn't really required in a tough dungeon such as this.

Aug 23, 2009
Even if this gets sent to the Dorms area, this is a problem that needs to be addressed. I appreciate the desire to make challenging dungeons/towers. However having to start over due to no porting option, or losing all progress due to other people having to leave or losing connection is beyond frustrating. And henchmen and minions are useless in this case-unless you are just loaded with crowns-due to the rule variants, especially with the final boss. I have tried to do Waterworks with multiple people and friends each time having to abandon due to people having to leave, losing connection or having the gate jumpers just come in and lose all of my progress, due to not being able to call friends in for parts or to replace lost comrades. This is the only remaining quest I have and it would be nice to finish once after a dozen or so attempts.

Jan 31, 2011
It is quite simple. Only go with friends, if one of them has to leave, then he/she shouldn't have gone there in the first place. Always have a life wizard. With a life wizard you only need one other person to beat the last part. Don't leave, get potions before the start and have life heal all of you to full before you finish one of the fights.

Sep 18, 2010
Couldn't agree more. People stand around and wait to join. Crazy, Kings. Just crazy. Bad call, bad design. Stick with what people know and love. Not all change is good change. The more useless it is to play, the fewer people play. And then playing all the way through and not getting ANY 60 drops for ANY schools over and over. That's a nice bonus.

Mar 12, 2011
The only reason I haven't finished Waterworks is because at the last second, my friends port to me in battle, get more monsters in the battle, and then FLEE!!!! They flee, then try and come back, but other people are already there (the stronger people thank god). Then they get mad and start telling me to get them in. If I ignore them (which I do) they get even madder. *sigh* We keep getting beaten by the last boss.

Normally, there are three of us in there. Life and Balance (me), then some guy just comes in (don't ask me how) and he turns out to be an initiate... We got beaten because he just kept wasting away our traps and got defeated immidiatly. "I need healing, I need healing, " We get it! We lost miserably, too. Oh well.

I just finished the dungeon this morning. Narrowley avoiding a loss with the last boss. :D

Mar 16, 2010
Mar 18, 2009
woot000 wrote:
colagada wrote:
I'm going to post this in The Dorms.
How is this an idea?

Because the original poster was asking KI to come up with a new system to allow group members to stay together after entering the Waterworks.

I personally posted in the Dorms that the group function, should really work as a group function and keep all the wizards together. Since occasionally, some teammates can get sent to another server due to overcrowding. I still believe porting into Waterworks should be disabled, but if four wizards are grouped togethered (regardless of friends status) they should be able to walk back into the same dungeon sequence/instance (via sigil) as their teammates. Only if all teammates are defeated, should the dungeon possible reset for all four, not a couple.

The sigils should be reserved for group members in an active dungeon. So if you are walking back in alone to join your team again, the other three sigils should not work. Only if you have disbanded the group, should others be able to jump on your sigils.

Apr 26, 2009
I think the reason KI disabled porting into the water works was the ensure that no wizard lower than legendary could go inside the water works. Since so many wizards complain that there are to many "noobs" around and wouldn't want them to join the group for the water works.

Diana Dragonpyre
Life: Legendary

Mar 16, 2010