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waterworks gear

Mar 19, 2011
waterworks gear
I was in pet pavilion when i hear a guy saying something about waterworks
I then proceed to listen to the full conversation he said and i quote
I got my waterworks boots with the esprit hood and my hangman's
hood with the esprit boots Is this true or just another lie/rumor

Jan 16, 2012
Re: waterworks gear
It's quite true.
Waterworks is a dungeon in Wizard City (Crab Alley, that ladder thing), that 60 plussers do for a spicial set of rare gear that are drops in the dungeon (Luska Charmbeak, 21000~ and Sylster and his minions 24000, 9000~, and 8000~.) Each school has a different set. They all include health, block, universal defense.

Life: Espirits
Death: Hangmans
Myth: Tricksies
Storm: Skyscreams
Fire: Firestarters
Ice: Frostbits
Balance: Judgements

So, your quote means someone got the life hat, the death robe, and the life boots.

I hope this answers your question.