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Waterwork's Drop Rating

Jul 05, 2009
Dear Kingisle,

Waterworks, a fun and challenging dungeon that i enjoy even though i fail most of the times, i still enjoy it. But, there is only one problem with it. In waterworks is the RARE outfits which has some nice stats. But every time I ACTUALLY make it to the last boss and ACTUALLY defeat him, i only get rank 9 snacks ( which are good ) and equipment that i cant even use. I am asking that you can change the drop rates a little bit better because i am getting tired of getting nothing but useless equipment when fighting that last boss that took hours to get. Plz try to change it by the next update if you can.

Sean DragonSpear
Level 60
Legendary Pyromancer

Jan 09, 2009
I agree. I say that whenever somebody defeats sylster glowstorm for the first time, they only get the super cool ultra rare gear of only their school. And of course anyone who has already beaten him will get it the next time they do it again.

May 20, 2010
A lot of people have said the same thing. At least it gives the high level wizards something to do.

Mar 03, 2010
yes waterworks is fun (though a bit time consuming )
but i have had some bad times in there because i went in there like 10 times before i got anything then i got my hat 3 times in a row, then i got nothing for a while then my boots finally dropped but i am still working on my robe and i cant even remember how many times i have done this place.
(just to many times lol) i have spent so much time in there and still haven't gotten all my gear i think the rate should really be changed.
i also must have really bad luck because one of my friends alts that is the same school as me got to legendary and got ALL of his gear before i even got my hat and he only did it like four times he said. so ki please please change it because i really want my robe!

May 05, 2010
I agree, plus they should remove like those level 54, 52 etc. gear from Sylster Glowstorm, beacause, Whats the reason if you can get better gear than the level 50's gear? Also they shouldn't make it 100% of the time, Probably 70% - 90% of the time.

Best Wishes in the Challenges! :D

Wolf Deathbringer Level 60 Necromancer, aka "Waterworks Warrior"

Jul 17, 2009
I agree also I really need my robe cant seem to get it I tried like 15 times only got my hat and boots please raise them drop ratings. :D

Noah icebreaker level 60 ice wizard *grandmaster artisan*