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May 03, 2009
So, my friend and I were doing waterworks when he had to flee, and when he tried to port to me, it would not let him. He ran back in but he had to start over. Then, I had to flee so I ran back in, but the people with us were still there. He tried again and again but it still would not let him, why is this? And I do not want to continue without him. What is the problem?

Scarlet Hawk
Legendary Necromancer

Jul 03, 2010
Some how the dungeon was reset for him. These dungeons have rules that if any are broken the entire thing resets.

It is recommended that you mark spot out side and make note of the realm you are in. If you return and someone else jumps on the pad and enters with you it resets the entire thing for you - this happens a lot. If you sign off and back on it resets. Porting back in is not allowed. You have to have the quest and enter by the pad on the outside only.

In the end there are a ton of rules to these things and if one messes up you loose all your progress and have to start over again.

Jun 16, 2012
If your team mate flees then comes back in, he will have to start over. But he could skip everything and go back to where you were. I think._.

-Emily SkyBlade, Level 41, Master Pyromancer.

May 03, 2009
Thanks for all the help guys. I'm going to be doing waterworks alot because I can't get the robe. And my friend can't get anything. Which is sad. But, I was just making sure. Because I tried doing it with some friends and I died so I fled and ran back there, but everyone was still fighting the guy. I think that may be because I went directly there with a potion, not collecting health and mana like my frriend did. I think someone told me you have like a little time to get back. Is that true?

Scarlet Hawk
Legendary Necromancer

Dec 22, 2010