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Water Works, a way to play

May 31, 2009
I recently got the quest water works for my Ice wizard. It is sort of hard with the opponents being ice at first, but my life wizard and my ice had no problems getting to the first boss That is suppose to drop hats. I fought this Balance Boss with my Ice as my life heals only, and when the boss was dead, no hat drop, so I left the dungeon. Now why would I do this? It is a standard I have set forth on any dungeon and boss that drops items. If the drop does not come on first time quit and try again at a later time. Maybe after ten times I might get the hat drop but it is better than going all the way ten times and getting nothing. Even if I have to fight this one boss over and over twenty times and finally get a hat drop, it was better than going all the way for nothing at all. When the Hat does drop, I will do the entire dungeon and now try for the robe. You might say I might get that robe drop in those ten times I didn't go to the end. With this game nothing is certain as they claim to be Random drops, so I don't take chances and go for something left to chance with so much work at stake.
If the fights were easier I might go all the way but for now, I go item at time. Shame to have to stop and leave a dungeon, but it is better to leave and do over and maybe get a drop then continue on to end.

May 31, 2009
went in with some other players took the dungeon to its end, got no hat or robe drop, but finished dungeon. I will not just take it to the first boss and leave till he drops hat. Like I said, Shame to waste so much effort for no benefit. My gold full don't need items to sell , need my robe hat and shoes. But I take it one boss at time, stop my questing and work water works.
Now suppose I had been through this dungeon ten times with no hat, shoes or robe drop, look at all that wasted effort.

Feb 29, 2012
Well you have to fight the first guy to get to the second, so every time you leave after fighting the first with no drop, after you get your hat, you will have to fight Luska again to get to Syl for a robe chance.
Not seeing your logic here.
Just run the dungeon to the end.
Now if you get your robe (I think Syl drops it) then you can leave after fighting Luska when trying for your hat and boots.
Until you get your robe, run the whole dungeon. After that, you can use your strategy.
It is backwards now and is going to cost you a lot of annoyance.