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Wait is dragonspire the last world!?!?

Dec 13, 2008
I have noticed that it has been a wile since a new world has come out. Plus, you face the boss to the game at dragonspire and he CLEARLY dies with his quote quote wife so i'm wondering. If it is the last world than why play anymore once you beat it than were to go. If thhey tried to cover it up with mounts than BIG BIG BIG mistake. You can't aford a mount and if you can not much to do........
Benjamin MistMask level 45 SAVOR OF THE SPIRAL wondering if I should play :(

After Dragonspyre we released Grizzleheim, which is a parallel world with different levels of areas, ranging from areas that are on par with Wizard City all the way up to MooShu.

Click here to read more about Grizzleheim:

And there are many worlds yet to discover on the Spiral, young Wizard.

Oct 09, 2008
they will release more worlds so there might be no ending