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Upper level Boss creature turn Problem

Jun 07, 2010
I am not sure if anyone else ever notice this, but I figured I'd point this out. I notice when dueling A LOT of bosses or creatures in certain areas especialy DS. To me it seems like the bosses or creatures go twice or more, sometimes. Not sure if its a common bug for this to happen.

Let me try to explain it, its kinda hard:

Ok I join a creature duel.
I have a power PiP spawn. Which takes 2 Pips for school spell.
Lucky me I have a two cost for attack card at the start of the duel in hand, and I go first. I CAST MY card on MY round, which hits.
Next round
Creature cast attack on me. It hits.
My turn I click shield. BUT the shield DOES NOT go on my Wizard this turn.
Next round Creature cast attack spell. it hits.
Next round the shield card I clicked last round goes on my wizard, this round. Huh!? I clicked shield on my turn and no shield till next turn.
Next round, I get shield casting animation on Wizard beginning of turn.
I click attack card on my round. No attack animation.
Next round Creature attacks.
Next round. The attack card I clicked last round, now animates the attack this round.

Reading between the lines on example duel above:
My attack card hits
Creature attack hits
Creature attack hits
Creature attack hits

Now why didn't my shield not go on my wizard the time I casted it, or my attack card work on my round? Why did I have to wait a round for my shield or, attack to work when I casted them?

This happens with attack cards too. I would see a card that I want to use on my turn, click it, to use, and nothing happens until the next round. So I am left standing their while the creature attacks, or traps me again.

If this is a bug it needs major fixing, this gives the Creatures or Bosses a HUGE unfair advantage.

May 20, 2010
There's no bug. Every combatant (player and enemies alike) gets a turn each round and can pick a spell or pass. The order of turns in a round isn't fixed. You might go first on one round, and the enemy might go first in the next round. That way, either you or the enemy might get to cast two spells in a row.

You're describing one round of your duel as two rounds. It isn't. Each round between exactly two enemies consists of two turns, one for each combatant.

This is how the duel you described happened:

Round 1: You and the enemy both chose an attack. As it happened, you got to go first and cast your attack card. Then the enemy casts his attack.

Turn 2: You chose a shield. As it happened, the enemy got to go first and cast his attack. You then cast your shield.

Turn 3: You clicked an attack card, as apparently did the enemy. The enemy went first and attacked. Then your attack hit.

This is what happened:

1) You attacked
Enemy attacked

2) Enemy attacked
You used a shield

3) Enemy attacked
You attacked.

Also, you have to choose an enemy for most attack cards, even if there's only one enemy there (an exception would be such as "Storm"). If you just choose the card, nothing will happen.