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unlocking zones with quiz= how many days?

Dec 27, 2015
so in my last post i had the total of 148,590 crowns as the total amount of premium zones excluding dungeons
and if your doing the quiz everyday to earn crowns thats 100 each day so the math would be
#number of crowns/ 100= days

then theres also watching videos which is 10 crowns each video ( i own a mac so i don't get any D:)
and yeah i'm biased so ill just use quizzes,

so 148,590 / 100= 1485.5 days converting it to months thats about 49 months and now converting it to years its
4 years (of course rounded) so you'll prob have a bit more crowns and of course not exactly 148,590

if i have done anything wrong please post a reply as i look forward to seeing what you guys have got to say

Jun 16, 2012
I would assume it would be higher then 148k since new worlds come out yearly, and I would assume new quest dungeons, (ie darkmoor, house of scales, etc)

Jun 02, 2012
Yeah its just too much. I tend to use Meretz because it is super easy and is like giving crowns away. Just use the FitBit App if you dont have a FitBit and there you go. Next time you get shopping/go to work/ whatever. Crowns will fly out lol.