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Ummm: Cyrus is Too Hard

Apr 17, 2011
KingCobra022 on Dec 30, 2012 wrote:
The fight to get into Dragonspyre (Professor Cyrus Drake) is nearly impossible for Storm Wizards. He should not know the Storm Shield Spell. This spell makes it way to near impossible. The fight goes like this: I save up for Triton; no shield. I get to Triton. No shield. I cast Triton. Shield. It's like the game AI is absolutely buffed on this boss monster. Also, his personal attack where he hurls beams of light at your face for two pips, is much too overpowered.
Honey, I beat Cyrus Drake first try level 48 conjure. Just spam some minions here and there, use a little reshuffle, some treasure cards; and tada you beat Cyrus Drake.

Mar 12, 2013
Neither storm nor myth should have any issues with Cyrus.

By the time you face him, you should have trained prism, a solid rank 3/4 secondary school damage spell (I personally recommend death for its versatility), and any of Shatter/Pierce/Cleanse Ward.

If you know you will be facing a myth boss, what do you usually do? You optimize your deck and round out your sideboard. Cyrus is no different, and he still takes a hefty percent more damage from storm.

The only thing that's different between Cyrus and say, General Akilles is that Cyrus has a lot more health and will occasionally cast a higher level spell or one from a different school.

So you will have to be able to heal and shield, as well as use prism or shatter to take down his defenses.

I think a lot of folks are intimidated by the fact that he's the Myth Professor, so they play too conservatively or they overload their deck with contingency plans - and never draw their good damage spells.

Use max number of prisms
Train or buy reshuffle.
Blade/trap after prism, but before every hit if you can.
Be careful using minotaur through prism. The first (smaller, shield-wiping) hit will be prismed, but the larger one might not be.
Sideboard medusa tc
Sideboard kraken/triton tc and a satyr.

Use a storm wand that gives you an extra starting pip. Use the storm hits to scrub off the shields that went up BEFORE your prism - any storm shields he puts up AFTER you've prismed him, are safe to ignore until it's time to prism him again. DON'T waste storm wand hits trying to whittle him down. These are to zap shields unless he is so low in health the wand hit will kill.

If you're storm just remember to save wand hits for zapping away shields. If you're going second, rely on spamming the lower-rank spells rather than winding up for a big finish, because he always manages to slide a ninja storm shield between himself and your bladed tc leviathan. Ignore weakness.

Feb 05, 2013
For me he wasn't too hard. It took me two tries, it would be one but I ran out of cards and forgot to put in treasure cards the first time, and the second I got lucky and drew a stormzilla treasure card when I ran out of cards. I had boosted, he had no shield, so I hoped, and sent it at him. It hit a lucky 2000+, and Cyrus was dead.

Jan 21, 2011
The real difficulty should be for myths. If your a myth, he can cast storm shield before you can convert, so its either major resist or major shield. Then again, we do have minions ....

Feb 25, 2013
What I did is I used a storm dispel on him. Keep a few of those in your deck while battling him.

Destiny Windgem, level 41

Feb 25, 2013
Keira Dreamleaf on Feb 27, 2013 wrote:
This guy was easy for me…well….i am a storm…. (i have no idea why you other storm wizards are having problems with this)

Get some storm tc and use a storm wand. You wont need boosts because storm boosts to myth. use the wand spells when faced with a storm shield.

Cyrus is less than half the threat malistare is…..

If you can't defeat cyrus, you won't be able to defeat any monsters in DS. Its a fact. Like Lydia Greyrose said, its a test of strength.

Practice and try, try again!

Dont give up! :)

Keira Dreamleaf

Ps. level 40 is the ideal time to do this quest (Not 50 to 55! thats Cl!) I did it at 38.
Yup, I did it at level 40 too!

Destiny Windgem, level 41

Sep 09, 2012
I was about to defeat him and then this girl suddenly comes up and helps when he has 100 health and I am like " you can have help!?!?"
Emma Emeralds word lvl 48

Sep 27, 2009
Cyrus is pretty easy for me- I beat him on the first try. But then again- I'm fire .

Nov 16, 2010
dudes are you kidding for me it was blade trap colussol on helephant then helephant done oh im