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Triton Ave quest

Jul 27, 2018
I am level 7, and working on the quest, Got A Light, which calls for me to gather 3 Lumina Crystals on Triton Ave. Blad Raveneye says they are in barrels, and I have seen a video in which these barrels are on the sidewalk, ready to be harvested. But I have been up and down Triton Ave. many times, and have never seen a barrel. Is this quest bugged, or do these barrels spawn only very rarely?

Jan 18, 2010
The barrels are scattered all over Triton Avenue.

They're on the sidewalks leading up to the Haunted Cave.

Try changing realms since others may be on the same quest and may have collected a few already.

Jul 27, 2018
Thanks very much for the help. I didn't even know there were other realms, but when I switched to the next one, there were barrels all over the sidewalk on Triton Ave.