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Treasure cards

Dec 30, 2008
I have some great treasure cards but for some reason I am unable to use them. I would like to use my treasure card deck in sunken city as I keep getting killed but all I can use is my regular deck. What am I doing wrong????

Thanks in advance

Treasure Cards are single-use spell cards which can be used to make you a much stronger wizard! In order to start using treasure cards in duels, you have to put them in your current deck.

To do this, open your Spell Deck screen by pushing ‘P’.

Once there, click the golden button with cards on it on the top right of the screen. You can now scroll through your treasure cards and place them in your deck by simply clicking on them. Once clicked, they will appear on the left side of the screen.

Now that you have the treasure cards in your equipped deck, you need to start using them. When in battle, discard cards from your hand by right-mouse-clicking them,

and a button will light up. This button says ‘DRAW’, and if you click on it, you will draw one treasure card at random.

Mar 28, 2009
yeah Greyrose is absolutely correct and since i just saw what she said i should show it to my bff in real life he doesnt know how to use treasure cards this will be the perfect way to show him :D

Feb 27, 2009
And if you dont draw the specific card you want, you can discard again. You can also discard to get random regualr cards in exchange for bad or not powerful ones you dont want. But, be careful, this can get you really stuck. Pay attention to the number of regualr cards you have left. If you discard ALL of your regular cards, you will have no more left for the current battle. This is really bad if it happens in pvp, especially ranked ones. Shuffle can always save you, but its not likely that you or a partner is going to have that card to come to your rescue.

Jun 30, 2009
For everyone who doesn't know how to activate treasure cards:

Click on a card in your deck while battling and don't cast it. When you click the card, below the deck you will see a few rectangular buttons. One says "draw" and the other says "flee". If the word "draw" is yellow, click it and a treasure card will appear in your deck.

Note: You will still have to save up pips to use treasure cards just like regular cards.
Also, if you have no treasure cards in your deck, you may not draw one into your deck.
To add treasure cards to your deck, go to your backpack by clicking "b" on your keyboard. On the side, you will see pictures of different options. Click on the picture of cards. Once you have done this, you will see a list of types of magic schools at the top. The last picture will be of golden cards. Click on the golden cards picture. Then it will look just as adding cards to your average deck looks. On the right, click the treasure cards if you want to add them.

If you do not like the treasure card that appears in your deck, then draw again. But be careful to not draw all of your cards. It is unlikely that the shuffle card will just come out of the blue, though possible.