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training points

Dec 12, 2008
I have two grands both need one last training point to get last card for school and i have done all zekes what do i do now to get one last point?

Aug 20, 2009
Yound Wizard, if you have done all the zeke quests and if you are a grandmaster, check your deck to see if you spent a point on something else like elemental blades

Aug 21, 2009
Jun 11, 2009
If you run out of quest for training points i think I'm dont think but you may be able to buy them i'm not todally sure on that yet

While you cannot purchase extra Training Points, you will receive one training point every 4 levels till 20. After level 20, you will receive one training point every 5 levels. You can also receive training points through certain quests. These training points can be used to learn spells from outside your school of focus. In order to learn higher level spells of a school, you have to first learn the lower level spells.

If you make a mistake, visit Mr Lincoln in Golem Court. He will let you buy your Training Points back with Crowns, and you will lose those spells. You must be at least level 12 to buy back your Training Points. This transaction costs Crowns.