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Tips for acing Wizard City

Nov 16, 2012
Hi I'm Wolf Wildsword a level 71 but I have created about 15 new characters gotten through Wizard City and then deleted them after I got bored.
With all those characters I've learned a lot of tips and tricks to getting through it fast and simple.
So follow these tips and you will zoom right though.
1. It doesn't matter what school you choose each on has there own advantage. In fact after I make this subject I'll go make a new subject in the dorms that will be called the better test for your school so go check that out. Then right when you enter get Prospector Zeke's smith quest. Be sure to find his smith where ever you go. If you can't find them google it while in that area.
2. Get through Unicorn Way as fast as possible. As a tip the first time you talk to Ceren Nightchant go back to Private Conelly and get his quest and get the other girl's quest. Talk to the private's guy because he'll want you to kill 3 pirate skeletons just like the girl.
3. Do Master Ambrose's quest (get your level 5 spell during it) and you you should have 2 training points. If you aren't death go train to ghoul and put that in your deck but not dark fairy. If you are death go to Storm and get lightning bats so you have a stronger attack spell.
4. Do Triton Avenue (once at level eight get sheild)
5. Talk to Ambrose
6. Cyclops Lane( Once ten get rank three and talk to girl on stage in fairgrounds [behind headmasters house] and get your schools shield)
7. Firecat Alley
8 Talk to headmaster and kill that boss( forgot his name)
9 Do colossus boulevard
10 skip underwater area tell you are level 32 or so (it won't help while you're still in Wizard City)
11. Go to Krokotopia like a pro

Now then after all that it wouldn't be right not give you tips for battle so I'll be short as possible.
1. If you have to defeat lots of enemies join other players battles because their probably on the sane quest as you and need to defeat lots of enemies to.
2. Go for helper first not the boss.
3. Use ghoul when you can one shot an enemy so you can get heal during battle easily

That's as much as I'll type for now so if you have any question send me a comment and I'll respond.
The Wolf

Oct 09, 2011
Lightning Bats will be a waste of two training points later on. I wouldn't recommend it. If you're Death, get Ice to get Tower Shield later on if you want the spell, if not, I don't see any use for your training points early. Life isn't useful for Death because of drains, Myth to Frog becomes obsolete after Scarecrow and you will probably do well enough without it, any other school just isn't worth it unless you want Weakness for PvP.

The first spell I would buy with training points would be Spirit Blade from Niles. Then I would just save up for Astral spells, even though that's a long wait, but there just isn't anything to train except maybe Reshuffle, but the first time I ever needed it was in Ravenscar.

Otherwise, I think your guide is pretty good for newer players. You might want to go to Firecat Alley before Cyclops Lane if you're Myth, though.

Jul 25, 2014
What about Balance?
What's the best 2nd school for it? I fint that 2nd school spells just crowd your deck, since you can only have 20 cards in it. Should I save my points for Astral spells, too?

Sep 17, 2012
GiantShield038 on Aug 22, 2014 wrote:
What about Balance?
What's the best 2nd school for it? I fint that 2nd school spells just crowd your deck, since you can only have 20 cards in it. Should I save my points for Astral spells, too?
I found Death to be useful as a second school for my Balance. Feint is always useful at any level, and the drains come in handy for certain Balance bosses.

Jul 11, 2014
I remember one day, i started my first fight of the day, and while i was picking a spell, i noticed the dark sprite in my deck. And i never asked for it or spent any training points on it. I went to Malorn Ashthorn to see if the Dark Sprite was there and it was. So now what im wondering how did that Dark Sprite get in my deck when i never asked for it at all.

(But i guess that is a good thing because i got a free spell and i didn't spend any training points.)