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Time traveling!? what is going on in this "game"

Sep 18, 2011
Playing this game since September 2011 and many thing became more easier then bact to that time. I want you all to think back and lets discuss what is going on here.

-In all worlds those portals became lame. why did it became all activated taht we didnt even start those quest to reach target? It wasnt like that before, there were fights, enemies, reagents. Trying to not get catched by those who run around the streets. what was all that about if those portals became one click away to target. If those portals stays as how it is now , then why dont you clean all area and just make only those targets to play with it. why waste time going all around right! its nonsence to see all those action on the way to go to places. tsk tsk tsk tsk.
-I really dont like the way about portals right now. it should be back to way it was before and those red portals should dissapear from game, ever.

May cast Wands:
-Seriously became lot useful but wizard doesnt do anything since they(wands) became its own wizard by itself. Hit with wand and puff target died or close to that. What the. Maycast wand shouldnt allowed in pvp somehow if its possible. You spending hours and hours to teach your pet to get some skills and no need those wands to get over all your efforts just by useing single wand to get over on that fights.
-I dont want maycast wand in pvp even if its practice pvp still dont want it.

-About two months by now playing and what just I see was shocking!! a TRUCK at old town!! lol seriously in a magical game all kind of animals, mages, wizards and so on but what is the TRUCK doing in ancient time where wizards stands on. Come on "Kingsisle", thats so so so lame to see those.
-I can understand about to making money and all but those mecanical stuff should stay on modern worlds like "Marleybone". I believe thtas possible when wizards moves to another world, mounts can get back to the beg if its not belong to that AGE.

-There is many place are beautiful to play with but many player doesnt bother with side quests i believe. Why they are there did anyone think about that? mostly whay i see from chats and all, people just want to level up fast and do pvp or whatsoever they want but not bother with those side tasks. WOW, Folks, this is a game for JOY for haveing fun around. fight together against craetures. there is many side quests has their surprising fun part with bosses. All of this just ignoring by passing tru to main quests.
-KI should put some those side quests into to main quests. Atleast those imagines KI done shouldnt go waste by passing them.
-I wish to see that happens.

I wondering why this game becam like this but i really enjoy with game. There is conversations, friendship, learning teamwork. all of that are really fun.

Please dont think shortcut for anything. Thats what it is, its a "Game" to have fun.