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The water-ways of Wizard City.

Oct 19, 2008
I have finnally found out how Wizard City waterways flow...

First there is Torrence, the storm tree, and there is a storm on top of it, then there is a open hole in the wall, which is the waterfall concealing Nightside, then it flows into the pond in the commons and flows to a stream too, this stream you can see from Elik's edge. This flows into Cyclops lane, it then flows from Cyclops lane into the Four falls mill inside Triton avenue, this then turns into a river and continues into Collosus Boulevard, where it is freezed, also the Triton avenue side-street storm drains lead into the Dark cave where at Stormdrain tower the water finnally reaches it's end and plunges of the edge of the Dark cave where it goes somewhere but I have no clue.

This is the official waterway's of Wizard City.
By: Michael Lotusblade, Savior of the Spiral, now in Marleybone...