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The REAL Daily Dread: Sunken City... ADVICE

Jul 15, 2009
So many of you wizards out there have probably gained access to The Nightside. There's the Death school and of course it's tree. But then there is Marla Stinger, a poor little student of death magic. She's writing a report for Cyrus Drake, the myth professor. You'll talk to her, hand in her report to Cyrus and eventually have to go to the dreadful SUNKEN CITY. Of course, you've probably accepted this quest at lvl 10. Maybe 10-13, otherwise, you'd probably had another character that has beaten or taken on the quest and you've had enough sense not to do the quest just yet. Before you enter the eerie cave you might want to know what you're facing a what will mostly happen, so here ya go:

1. ghosts - these guys are rank 5 myth and will probably battle you right when you walk in.

2. banshee :x - these thugs are death rank 5 also, I think. Otherwise, they're myth too. Like all monsters that you face, they'll pull you off the side street unless you can get far enough away.

3. field guards -NOT NICE. They are in the school of fire, and they're hard to beat because of their lvl 7 rank.

4. ghouls - another evil death dude. They're rank 7, and not fun to play around with.

5. GRUBB - He's an evil meanie. He is just like his 3 ghoul minions, evil, mean, but a lot uglier. Just look at his face and you might be at your knees.


Some students might not have an easy time in this city. Here is some tips about who you should bring depending on your school:

Life - You definitely will do well, you have nothing to stand against you. Bring along students of storm, balance, and ice to spark the perfect team.

Myth - You might have some trouble, so bring along a classmate myth to put charms wards, and heal you. This way one of you can boost while one fights. Two other good schools would be storm and balance.

Death - You might experience your own school a few times (you die), but otherwise you'll be fine. A good group for you would be life, ice and storm, This way you have your opposite school, and your supporting schools.

Fire 8) - You have a pretty good school to lighten up the place. Bringing along a balance, ice, and storm is the most perfect combo for you to go with.

Ice :x - You're a tough one to beat. To be pretty much invincible, I recommend fighting with life, storm, and fire. You have healing, power, and health. Perfect

Storm - You have a GREAT destiny before you. Try bringing life, myth, and balance to boost yourself up.

Balance :? - You can bring just about any school with you on your journey.

Of course I beat Sunken City when I was like, at lvl ...30? Oi!

May 20, 2010
Nothing in Sunken City, including Norton and Grubb, is higher than level 3.

Jul 15, 2009