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the olympic house-to big or to small?

Nov 19, 2012
I did purchase the olyimpian bundle and I loved all the things the mount the armor the pet and the weapon but I noticed from what I've seen the house for the olyimpian bundle or the acropolis seems kinda small compared to the majestic bundle and the dino bundle houses I mean I like the oracle and the myinitar maze but the rooms seem to big to even furnish and barley any room for a nice family get together type of thing room whats with that o.o ? or have I not seen it all and it also seems to be a lot of hall ways. o_o
~scarlet stormblossem level 32 storm - Scotland yard roof mb - yes I know level 32 in Scotland yard roof I spent to much time doing wisteria and grizzleheim XD

Apr 11, 2012

The Acropolis is fairly big compared to some houses.
As for the rooms, I don't personally think I'd do a family get-together. I would advise using it for a hotel or for guest rooms. The Red Barn Farm is terrific for a family get-together, though.

Miranda ThunderGem