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test realm

Jul 01, 2009
test realm
i need a little help! :( i don't know how to do the test realms. i have heard stuff like you have to download or install them, but is it true. if so where can i download it? i have looked all over this website and thosands of times but i can't find it. the test realm sounds cool so i want to try it. i am a member incase that is important too! alot of my friends do it so i want to, it sound really cool. i have even searched your website's search and typed in " test realm download ' nothing came up. anyways thanks and i hope you can help me!

Re: test realm
The Test Realm is not open all the time, we only open it occasionally to invite our players to check out new items before they go live.

You can check the status of the Test Realm here: