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Mar 02, 2011
So, I wanted to talk about Tartarus and in the end of it how Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus, can possibly drop rare good items. Everyone wants Hades gear due to it's stats. I wanted to ask if a chest could be added, or maybe even the items into the crown shop, personally I think it's a good idea, I did Hades before I posted this, the best thing I got was aether, if they were to enter the crown shop, due to the stats, make the set worth a lot of money, if it were to become a chest, allow only the Hades, Poseidon, Zeus. Either way the gear is very rare and hard to get, the entire dungeon is very hard work, and takes a lot of time out of people's day. And sometimes they come out with nothing. So wouldn't it be fair to give people this choice to either farm, use the chest, and or the crown shop?
Because I know doing the dungeon is really annoying, the chest would be a good way for people to get things, it'd be fair due to doing the entire dungeon, and if not getting what you've desired to get from Hade's drops, use the chest. Now this is just my opinion, I bet it is for many others.

Thank you for reading, I hope this is added to the Hades dungeon.
~Justin Shadowmask Lvl 95

Dec 30, 2012
A chest is a good idea but the Crowns Shop one I am afraid will make many people angry who worked hard for that gear.
I feel like you, having farmed multiple times with nothing but the wand.
It's a sad feeling and I hope Morganthe's gear is better since it it level 100.

Mar 17, 2014
I know this might be a pain to also have to deal with Hades and the minions at the same time, but If you kill Hades first he appears twice. So there is no need to make a chest

Sep 19, 2013
If the chest only drops final boss gear it will be too OP. Just do the dungeon and blow about a thousand crowns and there's your hades gear. The reason why chests give out crap mostly is so the game doesn't become too pay2win.